ALSO NOTED: California Medical Board investigating Teladoc; Mistrial declared in federal Vioxx suit; and much more...

> The Arizona Republic looks at the growing popularity of online check-in systems at doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics. Article

> The judge in the first federal Vioxx trial declared a mistrial this morning, saying the jury was deadlocked. Article

> Quality Health Solutions, a Wisconsin-based experiment that provides a virtual ICU program for three local hospitals, is expanding, offering outsourced virtual ICU services to regional providers. Article

> Should networked medical devices face additional regulatory oversight? Connectivologist Tim Gee is at a two-day conference on the issue being held by the FDA. Blog

> The doctor hired to head the UCI organ transplant program may have contributed to the program's problems by imposing a risk-adverse culture at the Medical Center. Article

> New guidelines released in Europe and at a conference in Texas will affect the way women are treated for breast cancer. Article

> The California Medical Board says it has launched an investigation into Teladoc, the controversial Dallas-based company that provides remote consultations, allowing patients to get a prescription without ever seeing a physician in person. Article

> A new report released today by the American Public Health Association casts some doubt on the progress of better health in the past decade. Article

> Will physicians ever accept EMR systems? A Louisville, KY, physician presents an eloquently written contrarian view on my Health Care Blog today. Blog

And Finally... Feel like you have to wait forever to get a doctors appointment? In Massachusetts, pressure is building to get patients in within days rather than weeks. Article