ALSO NOTED: Bariatric surgery bulges; Specialty drug costs rising; and much more...

> New research finds that the number of bariatric surgeries performed in the US has risen sharply in the past 10 years and that outcomes have improved markedly. Story

> The San Jose Mercury News reports on McKesson's latest run of good fortune. Story

> In a case which may set a precedent, the Massachusetts Division of Insurance said the Tufts Health Plan cannot offer group insurance to recent college graduates. Story

> A study in Health Affairs finds that the costs of specialty drugs are rising sharply. Story

> The Center for Aging Services Technologies has released a study which finds that people are willing pay up to $50 per month for technologies that monitor their health and wellness. Release

> The Department of Labor said Humana must pay $1 million in back wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Story

> Outsourcer Perot Systems said it is launching Peradigm, an open-source middleware platform designed for healthcare information technology. Release

> SecureCare Technologies said it has signed an agreement to distribute its document management system with Aurora VNA. Release

And Finally... The debate over physician-assisted infanticide continues following an article in The New York Times on the Groningen protocol, the rules developed by Dutch doctors which provide guidelines for situations in which withholding care may be appropriate. Story