ALSO NOTED: Analyst rating hurts Humana; Premium increases at Wellpoint cause anger; and much more...

> Humana shares fell on Friday after a prominent Credit Suisse analyst said the company's problems enrolling recipients into Medicare Part D may cause potential customers to move to other plans. Article

> The Center for Science in the Public Interest released a report that concludes that most of the top hospitals in the country are doing little anything about high levels of trans fat in the French fries served in their cafeterias. Release

> There's anger in California over premium increases at WellPoint, even as the company reports record profits. Article

> A new quick test for the MRSA virus developed by Swiss researchers could help stop the spread of the nearly indestructible bacteria at hospitals, researchers argue in the latest edition of Critical Care. Article

> There was a lot of speculation over the weekend that Medicity, a provider of clinical systems, will announce a deal for rival Park City Solutions over the next few days. Blog

> In Utah, proposed legislation that would protect ER doctors from malpractice suits draws a mixed reaction. Article

> West Penn Allegheny Health System and Mercy Hospital are feuding over high pay rates for anesthesiologists. Article

> A Washington Post article looks at the work of a WHO investigator in Indonesia responsible for tracking down cases of the H5N1 virus. Article

> Tenet Healthcare is considering selling off its 14 hospitals in South Florida, analysts speculate. Article

> McKesson has launched Community Care, a program designed to help small rural hospitals join regional health information organizations (RHIOs). Release

> Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) sealed a three-year deal with Johns Hopkins to provide outsourced call center services. Release

And Finally... Many observers argue generics will transform the face of healthcare. But there is a problem: A huge backlog at the FDA, where hundreds of drugs are waiting approval. Article