ALSO NOTED: Accenture declares CRM a failure; Are FL imaging centers paying kickbacks?; and much more....

> Accenture has put out a survey highly critical of customer relationship management systems. The consultancy, which has had a strong relationship with Siebel Systems for years, now says that despite heavy investment by many companies, "CRM is not improving the user experience." Story

> In a case likely to be closely followed by industry observers, a chain of Florida imaging centers is under investigation for allegedly offering kickbacks and a profit-sharing arrangement to doctors in exchange for referrals. Story (sub. req.)

> Following his noted article on prostate cancer a decade ago, Intel founder Andy Grove writes about the ways in which technology can help efficiency in the health care sector in a JAMA commentary. Story. (JAMA sub. req.)

> State regulators in California want to take away the medical license of a bariatric surgery specialist due to gross negligence. The Riverside physician has been involved in six deaths and twenty malpractice lawsuits. Story

> A team at MIT says it has developed the scientific equivalent of a 'smart-bomb' designed to deliver drugs more efficiently to tumors. Story

> A study in the New England Journal of Medicine claims to debunk theories that  Echinacea helps fight the common cold. Story

> Another study in the NEJM shows that children lacking health insurance get worse health care. Story

> Sen. Barack O'Bama (D-Illinois) has an editorial supporting the Wired for Health Care Quality Act of 2005. Story

> A doc writing a letter in the NY Times says that EMRs increase efficiency and pay for themselves quickly. Letter

> Kaiser Permanente announces that national Health IT coordinator Dr. David Brailer will speak at its first HealthConnect users meeting Aug. 2 in Oakland. Release

AND FINALLY: Agriculture department officials are conducting tests to see if a third cow may have been infected with Mad cow disease. Story