Allviant's CarePass Available to Dossia Consortium Members

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With the goal of helping consumers become more proactive about managing their healthcare, Allviant Corporation announced today that its revolutionary CarePass technology is now available to Dossia's Consortium members.

CarePass enables consumers to control their personal health service communications and transactions by aggregating and delivering context-relevant information securely - via phone, e-mail, or text messaging - depending on their preference. Additionally, CarePass connects a network of service providers such as health savings vendors, portals, personal health records (PHRs), content sites, nurse call services, vision, dental, and physicians.

According to Lilian Myers, CEO and co-founder of Allviant, "CarePass changes the rules of engagement in healthcare - finally, besieged consumers can benefit from technology-enabled control over their personal healthcare ecosystem."

Myers continues, "Users will be notified of events that impact their Dossia Personal Health Record and will be able to immediately act on health record updates that require review or approval - without logging into the web site. In short, we're going to help consumers stay on top of their health management by giving them the tools to understand and resolve complex issues."

The Dossia Personal Health Record and CarePass health ecosystem model offer valuable synergies. For example, an employee might receive a text message that their employer is offering a health fair - and a reply option allows the fair to be automatically added to the employee's calendar. A related CarePass prompt would remind them that an annual cholesterol test is overdue based on their age and gender, and that their specific benefits plan covers the charge. With a one-click response, they can schedule the screening appointment.

"By making Dossia's health management tools more accessible to busy employees and their families, the combined technology will eliminate obstacles that make it hard for people to move from bystanders to active participants in their care," said Steve Munini, Dossia COO. "As a result, members of the Dossia network who take advantage of this new offering will be better able to arm their employees with tools to help them understand their healthcare choices, weigh cost and benefits, and make informed decisions."

About Dossia

Dossia is a non-profit organization consisting of several Fortune 500 companies united by a common vision: to empower their employees to make smarter, more informed decisions about their healthcare and thus bring about consumer-driven change in the healthcare system. Through Dossia, these companies leverage their combined influence to break down barriers to health information. The Dossia Founders group includes AT&T, Applied Materials, BP America, Cardinal Health, Intel, Pitney Bowes, Abraxis BioScience, Vanguard Health Systems, sanofi-aventis, and Walmart. For more information, visit

About Allviant Corporation

Allviant Corporation is the developer of CarePassTM, a technology-enabled service that gives healthcare consumers a new method of access, convenience and control by connecting existing information systems and administrative data though a personally-defined set of communication methods. The opposite of customer relationship management (CRM), this service relationship management technology empowers the customer to determine when and how they want to interact with service providers across their unique array of healthcare relationships. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.