Alliance Life Sciences Releases White Paper: Global Business Planning for Competitive Growth in Emerging Markets Enhances Strategic Opportunities

CPR for ALSCGJoelle Caputa; 201.641.1911 x54

With offering new hope for a stagnant pharmaceutical market, (ALSCG), an innovative management and technology consultancy, provides comprehensive and global perspectives on developing new strategies, forging partnerships and growing market share in Brazil. As outlined in its White Paper, “,” ALSCG explains how fast-growth and increasingly competitive emerging markets defy the effectiveness of a uniform approach, and demonstrate how to achieve effective local business planning in Brazil.

“Brazil and other emerging markets are considered the new frontier,” says Davide Zaganelli, Global Emerging Markets manager. “To compete in these markets, international pharmaceutical companies must be willing to implement market-specific strategies and local thinking within their global business strategy. At the same time, they face the challenges of evolving political stances, increasing international competition, and tougher market access that can create new risks for drug makers.”

The paper examines the need to identify, evaluate and foresee trends as early as possible to improve and consolidate market positioning, and provides an overview of the latest trends regarding pharmaceutical taxation, strategic partnerships and generics promotion.

Zaganelli adds, “In this competitive, culturally and economically diverse environment, international pharmaceutical companies must gain access to local and global reference pricing, detailed competitor and market landscapes, and updated insights on the latest regulatory, procurement and political developments.”

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