AL study questions need for CON process

A new study by an Alabama policy research group questions whether the state needs to have a certificate of need process in place to limit the growth of healthcare facilities in the state. The study, by the Alabama Policy Institute, argues that the state's CON regs should be repealed. Its author, Roy Cordato, contends that if the state removes its CON restrictions, doctors, clinics and hospitals will be able to respond to marketplace needs more quickly, which would actually improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery there. 

To conduct the study, researchers looked at the experience of other states with CON programs. It found that 13 states have recently repealed CON regs.  Removing CON requirements has given consumers improved access to care in those states, Cordato says. Meanwhile, there's almost no evidence that Alabama's existing CON process has helped to reduce healthcare costs.

To learn more about the study:
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