Airport clinics, pharmacies become more common

Increasingly, pharmacies and clinics are opening at U.S. airports, hoping to catch travelers with last-minute health needs who don't have time to leave the terminal. And with airports hungering for additional revenue sources--and fliers waiting longer than ever because of security issues--they're likely to find a strong following, observers say.

While such facilities are common at foreign airports, they're not yet popular here, but a range of entrepreneurial companies are working to change that. For example, AeroClinic should soon open a retail clinic at Philadelphia International to complement its location at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. Solantic, which operates clinics within several Wal-Marts, will open one at Orlando International later this year. Then there's AirportMD, which opens its first store in Miami next month. All told, it seems that by, say, mid-2009 this will be a very healthy sector of the retail clinic market.

To learn more about this trend:
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