AHIMA 2012: Availability of M*Modal Catalyst for Quality™ Marks Major Advancement in CDI and ICD-10 Transition for Healthcare Providers

Cloud-based analytical software provides holistic view of clinical documentation for improved quality control, reimbursements and patient care

M*ModalGlen Haley, 615-798-3511orSHIFT CommunicationsAmanda Guisbond, 617-779-1813

, a leading provider of clinical documentation services and Speech Understanding™ solutions, today announced the availability of at the 2012 American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Convention and Exhibit in Chicago (Booth 811). Using M*Modal's advanced natural language understanding, M*Modal Catalyst for Quality represents a major step forward in enabling health information managers and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) specialists to quickly and easily access previously inaccessible data buried in remotely stored electronic health records (EHRs), dictated notes and other medical documentation such as lab results.

“M*Modal Catalyst for Quality is all about capturing the entire patient story – combining transcription and front-end speech recognition with EHR data – and making it immediately useable for driving quality improvements,” said Mike Raymer, M*Modal's senior vice president of Solutions Management. “By building a complete, more insightful patient record, M*Modal’s solution readily identifies CDI measures, summarizes all evidence, and creates workflows to target and address deficiencies early in the process.”

The majority of a healthcare organization’s data is captured in a traditional narrative or “unstructured” form. Until now, providers have been extremely limited in their ability to identify, beyond simple keyword searches, the deeper context and meaning within notes documenting the physician-patient encounter. M*Modal Catalyst for Quality uncovers that information, allowing users to easily identify and implement quality measures for better productivity, control costs, patient care, and outcomes.

M*Modal Catalyst for Quality comes pre-loaded with industry-standard CDI rules, and provides a unique and highly flexible platform for medical coders and quality managers to address other measures without costly software upgrades. This enables hospitals, clinics and practices to more easily transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and tackle a wide variety of information management needs.

This quality solution is part of the M*Modal Catalyst™ portfolio of products and can be fully integrated with the M*Modal Fluency™ family of speech understanding solutions. This integration maximizes M*Modal's cloud-based speech understanding technology, which surpasses traditional speech recognition to leverage the true meaning within a patient's unique story for higher quality care and more accurate reimbursements. More applications within the M*Modal Catalyst product family are expected to be announced in the coming months.

M*Modal is a leading provider of clinical transcription services, clinical documentation workflow solutions, advanced cloud-based Speech Understanding™ technology, and advanced unstructured data analytics. Recognized as the largest clinical transcription service provider in the U.S. with a global network of medical editors, M*Modal also offers voice to text solutions to capture the complete patient story, codifies the doctor’s narrative to automatically populate EHRs and other key healthcare information systems, delivers computer-assisted coding to support ICD-9 and the transition to ICD-10, and provides highly advanced analytical tools for exploring the richness within the “unstructured” narrative for improvements in quality of care, greater physician satisfaction and lower operational costs. For more information, please visit , Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.