AHA accuses Leapfrog of manipulating safety data

The American Hospital Association (AHA) discouraged patients this week from using Leapfrog Group's Medical safety score, HealthLeaders Media reported. The AHA claimed that the scoring questionnaire is largely inaccurate, biased and uses unreliable scoring methods. The AHA further alleged that Leapfrog may have "manipulated" data for hospital safety scores.

Richard J. Umbdenstock, President and CEO of the AHA stated in a letter Friday to Leapfrog CEO Leah Binder that Leapfrog's data contained considerable errors and could result in exposing the public to unreliable, inaccurate information. Binder yesterday denied any deliberate manipulation of data made by Leapfrog. "This is a very serious charge for you to make without offering a single example to support it. We will launch a full investigation of any such example should you find one," Binder said in a response to AHA's claims. Article