AG Biden and Colonel Robert Coupe announce Community Outreach Forum for families affected by investigation of Dr. Earl Bradley

Dec. 31, 2009 -- Wilmington, DE - Today, Attorney General Beau Biden and Delaware State Police Superintendent, Colonel Robert Coupe announced the Delaware Department of Justice and Delaware State Police will sponsor a Community Outreach Forum for families affected by the investigation of Dr. Earl Bradley.

The Forum will take place on Friday, January 8, 2010 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Cape Henlopen High School Theater.

"I have called this meeting to bring together every available resource in one location so that victims and their families can get the help and assistance they need and deserve," Biden stated. "Specifically, members of our Child Predator Task Force, State Police detectives, and the Children's Advocacy Center will be present to meet with parents and caregivers of possible victims.

Additionally, we will provide on-site the following additional services: crisis counseling, resource and referral information, and resources from the Delaware Department of Justice Victims' Compensation Assistance Program."

Biden continued, "As the Attorney General, I am determined to do everything within my power to pursue this case to the fullest extent of the law. As a father, I want to assure parents of possible victims that I understand their anguish and anger, and that our office is working with other state agencies to help in any and every way possible."

"Throughout this investigation, Delaware State Police personnel have been working diligently to gather evidence and develop information that will lead to the identification of victims in this case," stated Colonel Coupe. "The Delaware State Police recognize the urgency to identify victims of Dr. Bradley so that appropriate victim services, counseling and treatment can be provided to the victims and their families. Therefore, the Delaware State Police support this collaborative outreach effort."

The Delaware Department of Justice and Delaware State Police continue to urge parents and caretakers of current or former patients of Dr. Bradley to use a variety of state resources that are available. At this time it is very important for anyone who has concerns about whether their child was a victim in this matter to contact Delaware State Police at (302) 856-5850, ext. 216 or e-mail [email protected]. In addition, there are a variety of treatment, counseling, and support services available to any possible victim and their families through the 24-hour Delaware State Police Victim Services Hotline at 1-800-VICTIM-1.

The Delaware Department of Justice and Delaware State Police also highlighted the variety of actions taken by law enforcement and other agencies to provide services to the community and to facilitate a thorough and timely investigation. These steps are outlined below:

Actions taken to serve victims and their families during the investigation of Dr. Earl Bradley:

- Assembled a team of investigators, Deputy Attorneys General, social workers, and speciallytrained staff from the Department of Justice and Delaware State Police to utilize the Children's Advocacy Center to conduct forensic interviews to assist the ongoing investigation and ensure that each child's best interest remains the primary concern.

- Established one central phone number - (302) 856-5850, ext. 216 - for all parents and caregivers to call if they believe their child is a victim or have information that may contribute to this investigation. The Delaware State Police has provided additional staffing to facilitate a timely response.

- Coordinating statewide counseling referrals and other state services for victims and parents through the Delaware State Police 24-hour Victim Services Hotline at 1-800-VICTIM-1 (1- 800-842-8461). Through this hotline, all concerned parents who believe their child may need counseling as a result of victimization are connected to a live individual who can provide important information and make counseling referrals.

- Coordinated with the Governor's Office and Lt. Governor's Office to seek funding from the Delaware Criminal Justice Counsel to provide necessary funding to victim service agencies to ensure that all victims in this case receive the counseling services they deserve.

- Established a central e-mail address - [email protected] - that parents and caregivers can contact to provide information related to the investigation or to obtain counseling referrals and other information in this case.

- Streamlined the application process to expedite applications for financial assistance from the Victims' Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP). VCAP provides financial assistance to pay the cost of mental health counseling for child victims and their families. The Child Counseling and Assessment Program provides payment for short term counseling and psychological assessment for all child victims and does not require a VCAP application. To learn more about these programs, or to receive assistance with an application, contact VCAP at (302) 255-1770 or visit

- Ensuring the accessibility of Dr. Bradley's patient records at Beebe Hospital so that they are readily available to parents or caregivers of current and former patients. Parents or caregivers should call the Beebe Hospital records department at 302-645-3281 to request a copy of their child's pediatric file.

- Assembled a team of Deputy Attorneys General and investigators to review all patient files of Dr. Bradley to identify and personally contact by mail every patient family to address particular concerns stemming from this investigation.

- Coordinating with the Delaware Department of Services for Children Youth and Their Families and the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services to identify affected families and provide additional specialized resources for those families and victims.

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