Aetna Introduces Paperless Contracting For Medical Professionals

HARTFORD, Conn., March 02, 2010 - Aetna (NYSE:ΑET) has launched an electronic contracting process for physicians, hospitals and other health care facilities so that agreements can be signed and sent via e-mail. Aetna and health care professionals can complete contracts faster and more reliably and reduce the expenses of faxing or mailing, while reducing their carbon footprint.

"By implementing the industry's first electronic contracting solution, we expect to decrease contract processing time from three weeks to one day on average. Aetna and participating physicians, hospitals and other health care facilities will also have significant savings in paper and postage," says Paul Marchetti, head of Aetna's National Networks and Contracting Services. "We continue to make it easier for health care professionals to do business with us, and we are helping create a healthier environment."

Using EchoSign(TM) eSignature solution, Aetna's paperless contracting process meets compliance, legal and security requirements. The electronic signature service provides a convenient, online audit trail for all contract processes and real-time visibility into the contract management process. It provides protection for both the sender and the signer during the signing process, including key authentication and privacy, fraud protection, and consumer disclosure. It is legally tested and trusted.

Electronic contracting is the newest among Aetna's suite of electronic tools and capabilities designed to help health care professionals reduce administrative burdens and save money. Currently, approximately 74 percent of Aetna's total transactions with health care providers are electronic. Aetna continues to invest in e-technology and introduce new service offerings that directly help physicians succeed - and limit environmental impact.

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