Abbott faces Norvir suit; Vaccine may cure Black Death;

> Abbott is facing a new lawsuit over its pricing of the AIDS med Norvir. The suit, like some others, accuses Abbott of hiking the price of Norvir to stifle competition from other drugs and drive patients to its combo drug Kaletra, which also contains Norvir. FiercePharma

> An experimental vaccine created from genetically engineered plant cells appears to be effective against the Black Plague, which has bedeviled the world for centuries and is listed as a top bioterrorism threat. FierceVaccines

> Case study: In September 2007, New Mexico's Department of Health implemented an EMR for New Mexico's 49 public health offices providing clinical services. Since then, health professionals have taken care of 19,680 patients and recorded 120,524 procedures with the new technology. FierceHealthIT

> New Jersey hospitals are facing some serious financial obstacles, with several closing their doors of late. However, it looks like St. Michael's Medical Center will be able to stay in business. Article

And Finally... Death may be inevitable, but apparently, it can be postponed. Article