A Step Ahead With SuccessEHS Solutions

Early Adopters of the iPad Maximize Operations; Celebrate 10th Anniversary with Progressive Technology

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Dec. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Jefferson County Department of Health recently celebrated their tenth anniversary using SuccessEHS's practice management and electronic medical record (EMR/EHR) system.  This solution streamlines office operations and enhances the quality of patient care. As practices transition to EHR in compliance with government regulations, JCDH continues to incorporate advanced technology into their practice; in fact, they are among the earliest adopters of SuccessEHS for the iPad.

W. Sanders Pitman, SuccessEHS President and CEO said, "We are proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Jefferson County Department of Health using the SuccessEHS system.  We appreciate the influence they have had over product enhancements and adoption of EHRs in Community Healthcare Centers."

Early implementation of SuccessEHS's system has created abundant opportunities for the Department of Health to improve daily operations.  The transition to an EHR is a catalyst for more accurate views of patient history, improved workflow and a significant decline in the number of rejected Medicaid claims.  Improved efficiency within the office allows staff to schedule prompt return visits and see patients on a same-day basis, reducing the number of emergency room visits for patients who were once unable to receive immediate care.

Another advantage of EHR adoption is compatibility with mobile devices like the iPad. The Department of Health purchased iPads for their 26 physicians, who cited numerous advantages of combining an EHR with this convenient, portable device. Physicians praised the iPad for its utility when reviewing growth charts, documenting medical histories, adding diagnoses and submitting charges from anywhere in the office.

Deputy Health Officer Dr. Claude Ouimet expressed a positive outlook for the future of EHR-equipped medical practices, saying, "As the number of facilities using EHR increases, opportunities to exchange information will improve. Public health information will be increasingly available, improving community health and enhancing patient care."


Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, SuccessEHS is a nationally acclaimed vendor providing a single solution Practice Management and Electronic Health Record. The company's experienced management team has an average tenure of more than 12 years. SuccessEHS has built its reputation on developing personal relationships with customers, leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of its 200+ team members to ensure its customers' success.  

Founded in 1995, SuccessEHS quickly established itself as a leader in the emerging practice management applications market by delivering an innovative blend of clinical, operational and financial software paired with a suite of specialized integrated success services.  SuccessEHS, entirely in-house developed and supported, has achieved multiple certifications from CCHIT, earning a 5-star usability rating.