A Solution For Affordable Healthcare: New Direct Pay Platform Bypasses Traditional Insurance

Physician Care Direct Launches Win/Win/Win Direct Payment Platform

CARY, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Amid an increasingly confusing healthcare landscape, the high costs of insurance continue to be a barrier to affordable healthcare. Today, Physician Care Direct (PCD) announced an innovative solution: a program that changes the way people pay for primary care. By eliminating third-party intermediaries and administrative overhead, employers, patients and physicians all win. Developed by doctors, the program offers any physician a means to provide services directly and affordably to employers and patients. The company has already established a footprint from coast to coast.

The cornerstone of the solution is the Physician Care Direct Access Card™ plan. For about the same cost as a monthly cell phone or cable bill, Access Card plans include annual physicals, screenings and other services defined by the physician; office visits are priced at a low per-visit scheduling fee or may be included in the membership. Services not included in the Access Card plan are provided at affordable, transparent prices. The Access Card fee is paid for much like a gym membership, with a monthly or yearly fee paid by employers or individual patients directly to the primary care physician.

Physician Care Direct Access Cards are not health insurance, nor medical discount cards. Instead, they are innovative private contracts for healthcare services directly connecting physicians with local businesses and individual patients. Physicians using the PCD solution eliminate coding, billing and collection costs for their Access Card patients and can invest more time in providing high-quality care.

PCD’s direct payment platform germinates a relationship between a community’s local businesses and its doctors. By purchasing primary care directly from local physicians, businesses are able to offer their employees an affordable healthcare benefit without the rising costs associated with traditional health insurance plans.

Individual patients benefit from the Physician Care Direct program as well through the availability of affordable care purchased directly from their physicians. Patients are able to manage chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol for a predictable cost and know that they, not a third-party payer, are in control of their medical decisions.

Physician Care Direct is unlike any other direct primary care pay model:

  • It allows physicians to add a robust direct pay business without disrupting their existing practice.
  • It allows employers to provide a meaningful healthcare benefit to their employees for an affordable, predictable cost.
  • It allows individuals access to high-quality primary care at affordable, transparent prices.

Since September 2011, Physician Care Direct has signed on practices in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, California and Washington. Employers and patients embrace the idea of access to affordable primary care in a medical home of their choosing. Doctors like the idea of eliminating high administrative costs for their Access Card patients. And everyone longs for the type of doctor/patient encounter that PCD fosters.

According to Physician Care Direct CEO William (B.J.) Lawson, M.D., “We’re excited to offer this win/win/win solution for affordable healthcare. Physicians can spend more time practicing medicine and less time chasing reimbursement and enjoy greater professional satisfaction. Patients can access transparently priced, high-quality primary care. Employers can offer an affordable healthcare benefit and know that their dollars are going directly to patient care.”

Physician Care Direct Access Card™ is a trademark of Physician Care Direct.

Physician Care Direct (PCD) is transforming primary care by making it simple for physicians and their staff to offer primary care as an affordable, transparently priced subscription service to employers and individual patients. As a “disruptive innovator” in healthcare delivery, PCD lowers healthcare costs through its private contracting and payment platform that benefits employers, patients and doctors. The company was developed by a multi-talented team with backgrounds in clinical medicine, healthcare information technology, outpatient practice management, health policy, corporate health benefits and transaction processing. For more information, visit www.PhysicianCareDirect.com


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