In a Competitive Healthcare Climate, Tracking Works Helps Practices Fetch Referrals

YORK, Pa., Sept. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With escalating competition, it's increasingly important for practices in referral-dependent medical specialties—radiology, diagnostic labs, and orthopedics among them—to strengthen relationships with physician offices.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools have emerged to support many industries. The limited options specific to medical practices, however, prompted trg Marketing Works, a York-based firm with healthcare marketing expertise, to develop Tracking Works. Marketing Works has launched Version 3.0, upgrading the original product introduced in 2009.

Why would a marketing firm develop a CRM solution?

"We recognized our healthcare clients' need to gather and analyze a more detailed data collection, use resources more efficiently, and enhance reporting to senior management on marketing activities," said Gail Schwartz, Healthcare Category Manager at Marketing Works. "But they didn't have a tool that could manage the complexities of marketing to numerous physician offices."

Clients would struggle, she added, with multiple tools such as contact management, calendar, and spreadsheet applications included with office software suites, making it extremely time consuming to prepare even the most basic reports.

"We evaluated well-known general CRM packages, but we found them oriented toward selling products, not services. They weren't designed for the complexity of healthcare relationships."

Tracking Works enables medical practices to:

  • Capture critical data about referring practices, clinicians, and staff
  • Strategically plan and manage visits to referring offices
  • Manage and share referrer feedback
  • Uncover and correct customer service issues
  • Monitor volumes and trends to identify the greatest opportunities
  • Measure performance of marketing reps 

Version 3.0 debuts a dashboard displaying key effectiveness indicators, such as referral trends, top referring clinicians, and unresolved customer service issues. Other upgrades include an updated interface and expanded reporting options.

For more information or a demo, please contact Nick Staab at 717-852-7171 or [email protected].

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trg Marketing Works ( is a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations agency, with healthcare marketing among its core specialties. The agency has spearheaded strategic marketing programs for medical practices and institutions in primary care, radiology, orthopedics, diagnostics, and other segments of the healthcare industry, garnering Aster Awards, Healthcare Advertising Awards, and Quest Awards for external marketing and general brand awareness initiatives. Marketing Works, located at 3315 Concord Road, York, PA, is a subsidiary of The Rudisill Group.


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