90 percent of hospital execs say this recession will be worse than last; Only one-third of adults have gotten flu vaccine;

> Nearly 90 percent of hospital execs are hunkering down in the face of a recession that looks to be a lot worse than the crash of 2001 to 2002. FierceHealthFinance

> Forget flu vaccine shortages: only one-third of adults have gotten the jab, and more than half have not only not gotten it, but don't plan to do so. FierceVaccines

> A study earlier this year concluded that more than half of doctors had prescribed placebos in the past year. It's worth noting that some doctors have since protested about the study's definition of placebo, which includes over-the-counter drugs. Article

> The FDA is about to approve wiring changes to implantable heart devices, but a prominent cardiologist is raising alarms about insufficient testing. Article

And Finally... Some people can be really zealous about doing their jobs. Article