6 ways to get--and keep--patients engaged

Guest post by Julie Manas, president and CEO of the Western Wisconsin division of Hospital Sisters Health System

Growing up, one of my favorite TV shows was "Marcus Welby, M.D." (Yes, I'm old). Although some of the story lines were considered controversial at the time, the actor-patients were generally portrayed as compliant and unquestioning of their physician, Dr. Welby, or his much younger partner, Dr. Steven Kiley.

Fictional drama mirrored real life back then, as patients tended to be recipients of care, one-directional, rather than engaged in care, bi-directional.

Fast forward, today's patients are far more involved with every aspect of their care. They come to our physician offices and hospitals armed with the latest information downloaded from their private physician, "Dr. Google." They expect us to ask them questions, include them in discussions and be open to two-way dialogue.

As healthcare providers, we need to find ways to encourage our patients to become engaged in their care, and remain engaged.

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