5 smart moves for healthcare leaders

Work smarter, not harder: It's a common phrase, but sometimes difficult to put into practice. Becker's Hospital Review helps to unravel that mystery a bit by sharing some of the smartest actions healthcare leaders can take to thrive in today's ever-evolving industry. Here's a selection:

  • Participate in professional organizations. This is essential for younger leaders who want to move up the executive ladder, Becker's reports. The article suggests leaders work with the American Association for Physician Leadership and the American College of Healthcare Executives to network, develop leadership skills and collectively decipher the unique challenges that healthcare providers face.
  • Treat patients like people. Healthcare delivered with kindness and empathy not only produces happier, less anxious patients and boosts positive outcomes, FierceHealthcare previously reported, but it also can be good for a hospital's bottom line in an increasingly competitive market. One way to improve the patient experience is to emphasize a strengths-based management approach that uses employees' best attributes to increase engagement in their jobs, and ultimately, in patients' wellbeing.  
  • Reduce wastefulness.  Becker's advices providers to hone in on reducing overtreatment, which FierceHealthcare has reported is key to cutting waste and improving patient outcomes.
  • Work as a team. Hold all-inclusive workshops to discuss how hospitals can provide better care, suggests Igor Belokrinitsky, vice president of consulting firm Strategy&. "It's just a matter of creating an environment where people are comfortable sharing ideas," he told the publication.
  • Look toward the future.  For those interested in serving as a leader, volunteer to work on strategic initiatives. The experience will help leaders grow personally and professionally. In addition, seek out mentors within the healthcare organization who can help "new and future leaders grow by developing and strengthening the skills needed to motivate people and move the organization forward," Marilyn Palmer, D.O., vice president of physician services with executive search firm B. E. Smith, told Becker's.

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