5 in-demand healthcare jobs

Healthcare already leads all other industries in number of job openings, and trend analysis indicates the healthcare sector will create nearly 6 million jobs--more than any other sector--in the coming years. And it's expected to grow at an annual rate of 3 percent, according to Business Insider.

Although some say healthcare hiring has hit or is heading for a recession, some employees, such as health information technology professionals, are still in high demand. 

The implementation of healthcare reform will spur further hiring. The market is "seeing and feeling" the demand for healthcare workers, Robin Singleton, executive vice president and national healthcare practice leader for recruiting firm DHR International, told the publication.

Here are five jobs in healthcare that Singleton and John Blank, executive vice president and managing director in Nashville for DHR, told Business Insider are on the rise:

1. Medical billers/coders

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the job outlook for billers and coders will increase 21 percent in the next seven years. Part of the need for their services is due to healthcare reform's sweeping changes to the reimbursement system. "Reimbursement rates are changing a lot. Once you submit a claim, you can't re-submit it," Blank told Business Insider. "That's part of the ACA so you better be right the first time you submit it."

2. Insurance brokers

Brokers are in high demand since the federal government signed off on online brokers enrolling clients in subsidized insurance through state and federal exchanges. This job boom, however, may be shorter-lived, Blank told Business Insider, because after the signup deadline, "you're not going to need near as many brokers because it'll be up to the individuals then."

3. Nurses

The healthcare sector already suffers from a nursing shortage, and an aging population will exacerbate the problem, leading the field to grow 26 percent through 2020. Nursing staffing is key for patient engagement, Singleton told the publication, because "patients deal with nurses the most throughout their experience at hospitals."

4. Chief medical officers

Demand is increasing for administrative clinical roles as more firms--including Intel and Facebook-- manage costs by self-insuring their employees. Chief medical officers will be in high demand as these companies seek advisers to ensure they are compliant with healthcare regulations, according to the article. 

5. Informatics officers

Another hot administrative position that draws many physicians, informatics officers, are physicians who take the data from patient, physician and staff surveys and make the quality, operational and workflow changes, Singleton told Business Insider.

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