3500 Downloads in First 48 Hours for Vendormate Mobile, the First Mobile Application in the Healthcare Vendor Credentialin

Free Mobile App for iPhone and Android Allows Vendor Representatives to Save Time by Signing out of Hospital Appointments with a Simple Click on Their Smartphones

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- As evidence that Vendormate Mobile is helping to meet the needs of busy healthcare vendor representatives, the innovative new app was downloaded 3,500 times in the 48 hours after it was officially launched June 16.

Vendormate Mobile is the first-ever smartphone application that allows hospital vendor representatives to sign out of hospital appointments with a simple click – bypassing the sign out kiosk and saving time. The convenient new app – which can be downloaded free from the App Store and Android Market – can save healthcare vendor representatives 15 minutes or more during a typical hospital appointment, while also helping hospitals maintain accurate, up-to-the-minute records of vendors who are, and are not, in the facility. The app was developed by Atlanta-based Vendormate, the leader in healthcare compliance monitoring and vendor credentialing.

“Vendormate recognizes that healthcare vendor representatives have extremely tight schedules and is the first to develop a mobile app specifically for vendor reps that puts minutes back in their day,” said Bill Hayes, president and COO of Vendormate. “The response has been strong and immediate, and we are very gratified that healthcare vendor representatives are already using Vendormate Mobile to save time and increase efficiency.”

During a typical hospital appointment, a healthcare vendor representative must sign in at a central kiosk to receive a visitor badge. However, the large size and complex design of a modern acute care hospital may require a vendor rep to walk for 15 minutes or more to reach an office or operating suite for a scheduled appointment – precious minutes a time-pressed vendor rep may not want to use walking back to sign out following the appointment. Vendormate Mobile gives that time back, allowing the vendor representative simply to click the “Sign Out” button on the app and exit the facility through the closest door. The free app also will allow a vendor rep to sign out a co-worker who might be onsite and leaving at the same time.

Vendormate Mobile is the latest innovation from Vendormate, an Atlanta-based technology company that specializes in compliance monitoring solutions for healthcare, financial institutions and businesses. In the healthcare market, Vendormate Vendor Management solutions help hospitals seamlessly coordinate a variety of vendor management functions including managing vendor access and influence, monitoring sanctions and financial details, and credentialing at all levels of the supply chain, from vendor companies to individual representatives. Vendormate currently works with some 1,300 hospitals across the United States, and provides credentialing services for 50,000 vendor companies with more than 200,000 individual representatives on behalf of those hospitals.

“Vendormate is focused on healthcare suppliers and their relationship with hospitals,” added Hayes. “We see credentialing and compliance as vital components of the much larger process of supply chain management, which, when well integrated, can help vendors increase revenues while helping hospitals increase compliance and cost savings. Ultimately, we work to create value for both the seller and buyer.”

Vendormate Mobile is an example of how the company created an innovative solution to meet an identified need – vendor sign out compliance – that, while a small part of the supply chain process, ultimately helps strengthen management of the entire supply chain. Toward that end, the company expects to incorporate additional functions into the Vendormate Mobile app in coming months that will add even more convenience for healthcare vendor representatives and additional compliance assurances for hospitals.

For more information visit, www.vendormate.com/mobile.

About Vendormate

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Vendormate provides technology and compliance-monitoring services to assist companies in their relationships with vendors. Through its patent-pending process, Vendormate provides a standardized private-labeled solution for customers to manage the composition and risk of their supplier-base with very little impact to their budget. Vendormate VISION is a streamlined system of vendor registration, screening, rating, and cataloging that is uniquely suited to satisfy both internal qualification tasks and government mandates including HIPAA, Deficit Reduction Act and Sarbanes-Oxley.


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