2007 Another Banner Year for Click4Care, Inc.

POWELL, Ohio, April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Click4Care, Inc., provider of the innovative ThinkHealth software suite that is improving medical management for payers, employers, providers, and patients, today announced that 2007 was a banner year in terms of revenue, profitability and company growth.

Product enhancements, increased sales, and an influx of investment funds contributed to a 245% increase in revenue over 2006 and the addition of key employees. "Click4Care's success is built on our vision of transforming medical management," said company President and CEO David Blauer. "Our inventive software delivers a holistic approach to care management, integrating the range of disparate medical management processes under one platform. This includes predictive modeling, disease management, care management, utilization management and various administrative support functions, transformed into a seamless solution for providing care and preventing illness."

About ThinkHealth

ThinkHealth is a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) healthcare technology solution that assists health plans and other at-risk entities in reducing clinical and administrative costs by supporting the early identification and management of patients' conditions. ThinkHealth software promotes collaborative execution of proactive care by all members of patients' care teams, including patients and their families, social servants, providers, and care managers.

The highly scalable, configurable, and performant ThinkHealth system architecture enables even the most complex implementations along with high data volumes.

About Click4Care

Click4Care, Inc. provides innovative medical management software, integrating data from multiple systems into a solution that automates patient care pathways. Streamlined workflows and optimized resources drive unprecedented ROI for medical managers and their supply chain colleagues, while providing life-improving care to patients. Click4Care is driving enterprise-wide changes in the processes and business models of healthcare delivery. Some of the world's most progressive health insurance providers rely on ThinkHealth for a more consumer-driven approach to medical management. For more information, visit www.click4care.com .

SOURCE Click4Care, Inc.