Healthcare Marketing Is Healthcare: How Healthy Conversations Drive Engagement, Better Outcomes, and Healthier People

Sponsored by: Publicis Health

Engagement is the dynamic force that sparks movements and makes systems—education, politics, the workplace—successful.

The most successful students don’t just read textbooks; they’re motivated to build relationships with their teachers and engage with their education. In politics, change occurs beyond voting day in November; political outcomes happen when those constituents feel empowered and inspired to volunteer, protest, donate, and speak up. And in the workplace, it’s been shown that when an employee feels inspired and engaged at work, revenue rises.

Across systems and industries, engagement leads to better outcomes. And nowhere is the power of engagement more critical than in healthcare, because in health, better outcomes can mean healthier people and longer lives.

According to Lyn Falconio, Chief Marketing Officer, Publicis Health, “Engagement always starts with a healthy conversation, conversations we—as healthcare marketers—have the opportunity to create.” And Brendan Gallagher, Chief Connected Health Officer, believes these conversations often start with technology; “Technology has the power to start conversations and bridge the gaps in care, driving engagement by meeting people with relevant content when and where they need it most.”

So how can healthcare marketers start these conversations? What role does technology play in engagement? And as the landscape of healthcare rapidly evolves, what are the essential marketplace pivots to know about right now?

Hear more from Lyn Falconio and Brendan Gallagher answering these questions and more in their interview with Fierce Healthcare. After watching, if you’re looking for ways to help your brand harness the power of engagement, visit