You’ve no doubt heard of OpenNotes, but is the next step OurNotes, where patients actually contribute to their doctors’ notes?

SynerMed, a company that manages physician practices serving Medicaid and Medicare patients across California, is planning to shut down.

A new model for post-ICU care could help patients admitted to a hospital intensive care unit successfully recover from their illnesses.

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez’s bribery case ended in a mistrial yesterday after a jury deadlocked on charges against him and a Florida eye doctor.

A district judge denied Draeger's motion to dismiss claims from Rush University Medical Center over failures in its patient monitoring technology.

What being old and sick in America can mean—and how older patients can navigate the often treacherous journey through the healthcare system.

In 2017, the improper payment rate for fee-for-service Medicare dropped to 9.5%—the first time since 2013 that figure has been below 10%.

The role of a physician coach is also to help doctors rediscover the power of connecting to patients, says Stephen Beeson, M.D.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has partnered with a new company to offer personalized diabetes care to members of its affiliated health plans.

From California Healthline: California has fined Anthem Blue Cross $5 million for repeatedly failing to resolve consumer grievances in a timely manner.