Western Maryland Health cuts admissions, readmissions; California launches exchange ad campaign;

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> Western Maryland Health System has engaged in a long-term experiment in cutting costs by delivering more care and patient follow up outside its walls. The result has been a double-digit drop in admissions and readmissions. Article

> California launched an $80 million, 15-month advertising campaign to promote its insurance exchange. Article

> Mainers are upset about a new Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that excludes three of the state's biggest hospitals.  Article

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> In the war to prevent hospital-acquired infections, nurses are better about washing their hands than doctors, a new study found. Despite widespread evidence that alcohol-based hand rub is the cheapest and most effective way to prevent infection, the World Health Organization says poor hand hygiene remains the cause of millions of infections every year and leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths. Article

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> HHS's final regulation on health insurance exchanges does not include a proposed mandate that healthcare organizations report all data breaches within one hour of discovery. However, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services said the proposed breach reporting timeline requirement was included in computer matching, information exchange and other data sharing agreements. Article

And finally...the Michael Graves-designed hospital. Article