Washington State rejects five insurers from the exchange; Sebelius warns about ACA disinformation;

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> Washington State rejected five insurers to provide coverage within its health insurance exchange, drawing criticism that it would curb consumer choice. Article

> Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius warns that disinformation about healthcare reform in red states makes implementing the Affordable Care Act more difficult. Article

> A hospital technician who deliberately infected dozens of patients with hepatitis C will receive at least a 30-year prison sentence. Article

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> The length of time it takes to hire nurses and allied health staff is having a negative effect on healthcare organizations, particularly overworked employees who suffer from low morale and patients who don't get attention when they need it, according to a new Career Builder study. Article

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> Affinity Health Plan will pay more than $1.2 million for HIPAA violations, according to the Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights. A photocopier it previously leased was sold to television network CBS--the CBS Evening News discovered that the copier had protected health information on its hard drive. Affinity estimated that the breach affected 344,579 individuals. Article

And Finally...Grandmother gives birth to twin granddaughters. Article