Waiting times still high at VA facilities; Texas hospitals in immediate jeopardy not losing funding;

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> In Texas, an immediate jeopardy warning issued to hospitals does not necessarily mean the facilities are in imminent danger of losing their funding, the Dallas Morning News reported. Article

> Idaho, one of the most conservative states, has launched its own insurance exchange, yourhealthidaho.org, Kaiser Health News reported. Article

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> New data from the Veterans Affairs hospital system shows 10 percent of all veterans still wait a month or more for appointments at the system's hospitals and clinics. Article

> Forensic nurses play a critical role in helping victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking and sexual assault, thus making the specialization one of the fastest-growing in nursing. Forensic nurses, registered nurses with specialized training to document evidence and patient accounts of abuse, and testify in court if necessary, are being celebrated this week as part of Forensic Nurses Week. Article

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> New risks have upped the ante for HIPAA security and privacy officers and increased fines have many on edge. Particularly in the aftermath of the Community Health Systems (CHS) breach, which put 4.5 million patient records at risk across 29 states and 206 hospitals, last year's risk assessments look woefully inadequate for many healthcare systems and practices. What's worrying privacy and security officers this year? Article

And Finally... Mother-child reunion. Article