Venture firm acquiring healthcare startups that save money

It's always been a good idea to save healthcare dollars, but arguably, now is a particularly good time. That's the bet that Kentucky-based Chrysalis Ventures is making, at least.

The VC firm is steaming ahead with big investments while colleagues in the venture world are cutting back, confident that healthcare cost-savings approaches will make money. In fact, it's sinking money into eight companies this year--it usually backs five.

The firm, which has $400 million under management and closed a new $175 million fund last year, is focused on buying into startups that improve the productivity and efficiency of improvement of healthcare services, along with companies that  help avoid medical problems.

Its portfolio includes Achieve CCA, a company that incorporates medical bills into a larger debt management plan, CerviLenz, which determines the odds that a pregnant woman will have a pre-term birth, and ConnectivHealth, which offers health coaching online.

To learn more about Chrysalis' investment plans:
- read this Kaiser Health News piece

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