Upstate New York hospitals to affiliate; VIP patients could impact care; South Dakota hospitals now liable for negligent credentialing;

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> Saratoga Hospital and Albany Medical Center in upstate New York have entered into an affiliation, prompted in part by changes in how hospitals are paid for patient outcomes and population health, the Albany Times-Union reported. Article

> A recent state court ruling has opened up South Dakota hospitals to be sued for negligent credentialing of medical staff. The ruling stems from several patient lawsuits filed against a spinal surgeon who is also part owner of a hospital, the Argus-Leader has reported. Article

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> Thousands of new doctors at several healthcare organizations around the nation are working 30 continuous hours to test whether such lengthy shifts cause fatigue and jeopardize patient and provider safety, according to the Washington Post. Years ago, a 16-hour ceiling was imposed on resident work-hours, but a research project funded in part by the National Institutes of Health hopes to find the balance between preserving patient safety and efficiently training physicians. Article

> Hospitals sometimes accord higher status to so-called "red blanket" patients due to their wealth or prominence in the community, in the hopes they may contribute donations later. But such preferential treatment may impact care less prominent patients may receive, the New York Times has reported. Article

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> Visits to the emergency department are on the rise in the U.S., and a lack of usability and interoperability of ED information systems are only adding more complications, according to a new survey from Black Book. Article

And finally...Could a new paint for hospitals save lives? Article