Uncompensated care looms as formidable financial threat; Epocrates: 20 percent of docs will buy an iPad;

> With the prospects for health reform on life support, uncompensated care could potentially cripple some hospitals' financial viability. Hospitals were forced to absorb $36 billion in unpaid care in 2008, including charity care and bills that go unpaid by the uninsured or underinsured. Without reform, that amount could swell to exponentially, given that the number of uninsured Americans is estimated to jump up to 58 million by 2014. FierceHealthcare

> Just days after Apple unveiled the iPad mobile computing device, nearly 20 percent of physicians already intend to purchase one within a year and another 38 percent are interested in the iPad but want more information before deciding to buy one, according to a survey from mobile medical reference pioneer Epocrates. FierceMobileHealthcare

> Sanofi-Aventis has been steadily ratcheting down the amount of money it's spending on R&D. In its annual report out this morning, the pharma giant revealed that it had shaved seven percent out of its R&D budget last year as it restructured its pipeline. FierceBiotech

And Finally... I guess this is one way to keep your opposition to a minimum. Article