U.S. Bank offers HSA with WebMD

U.S. Bank has teamed up with popular consumer health content site WebMD to offer a health savings account linked to a series of online health tools.

The HSAs, offered by U.S. Bank Healthcare Payment Solutions, links U.S. Bank HSAs to WebMD technology that helps consumers decide what their optimal HSA contribution would be and what tax savings that would generate. The new program also links U.S. Bank HSAs to additional medical resources, including medication and hospital comparison tools.

The announcement comes at an uncertain time for the HSA market, which may have less momentum under the Obama administration than it did with former President Bush's strong backing.

Some players are actually exiting the market. For example, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association recently announced that it had decided to sell Blue Healthcare Bank, which was organized in 2006 to sell health savings accounts to Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield members in qualifying health plans.

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