Two California hospitals victim of malware attack; Hospitals using business intelligence software to improve clinical performance;

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> Two more hospitals in California have become the victims of malware, Kaiser Health News has reported. Article

> Hospitals and healthcare systems are using business intelligence computer systems to better manage issues such as readmissions and shifts in insurance payments, according to Tech Target. Article

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> Miscommunication in healthcare is one of the top patient safety risks, contributing to up to a quarter of readmissions.  But in a fast-paced, chaotic hospital setting, proper communication is easier said than done; to ensure it, healthcare leaders and workers must acquire key skills, according to Becker's Hospital Review. Article

> In the wake of yesterday's terrorist attack in Belgium, U.S. hospitals are working to ensure they're prepared for a similar mass-casualty event in America, but leaders are concerned budget cuts and lack of precautions may leave them short-handed in a worst-case scenario. Article

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> While privacy has become increasingly top of mind for provider organizations over the past year, industry executives would be wise to focus on being more proactive about such efforts, a pair of hospital officials said Monday at the 24th National HIPAA Summit. Article

And Finally... Birth news texted to wrong people; they show up at hospital with gifts anyway. Article