Ten tech investments your payers will favor this year

Although payers have traditionally focused most of their energy on managing transactions, beginning this year--and presumably into the future--payers will likely focus on "information management business models," according to research by IDC's Health Industry Insights.

This approach, which focuses on getting the right information to the right place at the right time, is perhaps the most important priority for payers this year, according to HII analysts. (As we see it, this just makes sense, since industry-wide business models for both providers and payers are looking at episodes of care and system-wide patterns to improve quality and lower costs.)

Other priorities for payers include investments in business intelligence technology, a focus on legislative and regulatory compliance initiatives and an effort to create strong technology partnerships.

When it comes to specific investments, HII expects to see payers invest in new provider network, contract, payment and analytic solutions. The analyst firm is also looking to see communications and document management technologies reach the list of top 10 technology investment growth categories.

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