Tax exemptions at not-for-profits come under scrutiny; Express Scripts to cover cost of wireless 'smart' pill containers;

> State and local governments scrambling to generate tax revenues have their eye on property, sales and other tax exemptions currently enjoyed by nonprofit groups, including not-for-profit hospitals. Minneapolis has already taken action, making charities pay streetlight fees like other businesses and residents. FierceHealthcare

> The concept of "smart" pill bottles is not new, but until now, it was just a niche product not covered by insurance. Express Scripts is covering the cost of the devices, which retail for about $100, to see if the reminders help improve medication compliance. The company also will study whether patients have privacy concerns about the caps. FierceMobileHealthcare

> Hospitals across the country started the new year by making payments ranging from the thousands to millions of dollars to settle allegations of Medicare fraud. These settlements are sure to drive up the Department of Justice's (DOJ) healthcare recoveries under the False Claims Act, which have topped $2.2 billion since January 2009. FierceHealthcare

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