Study suggests IRS broaden free coverage for medical services; CMS rejection of Louisiana hospital plan could imperil state's budget;

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> A new study suggests that the Internal Revenue Service broaden coverage for preventive medical services in order to lighten the financial burden on patients, Kaiser Health News reports. Article

> The Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services' rejection of Louisiana's plan to privatize its safety net hospitals could imperil the state's budget, according to the Associated Press. Article

> The interm chief executive officer for Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Southern California is so experienced at dealing with fiscal crises-- he's turned around some 30 hospitals in his career--that the industry considers him the Red Adair of his profession, the Press-Enterprise reports. Article

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> The challenges that hospital leaders face were never more apparent this week than during conversations and sessions at the American Hospital Association's annual membership meeting. Article

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> An Indiana hospital relied on best practices and technology to avoid spreading the deadly MERS virus while treating the first reported case in the United States. Article

And finally...Pigs raised to taste like whiskey. Article