Sermo partners with Bloomberg to connect physicians, investors

Professional investors will soon be able to talk (almost) directly to physicians thanks to a new partnership between Bloomberg, L.P. and Sermo. The new partnership is, as far as your editor knows, a unique one in the history of healthcare venture investment, and should certainly generate some interesting relationships. 

Both companies feel their constituents have a lot to benefit from in the new partnership. Bloomberg's 250,000 investors will be able to hear from doctors about healthcare, financial services, and government institutions. Also, Bloomberg's investors will get access to 68 different specialties, a unique benefit to partnering with an online service rather than a single-specialty trade group.  

Meanwhile, Sermo's 90,000 doctors will help to direct investment spending toward the most worthy companies. They'll also make extra money from the investors, who'll pay for access to their ideas. (My question is this: If an idea they supply leads to a hugely profitable venture, do they get a bigger slice of the pie? If I found the next big thing I know I'd demand one.)

To learn more about the new partnership:
- read this Healthcare Finance News piece

PLUS: At this week's Connected for Health conference, speakers were extremely excited about the potential for several types of healthcare investments, including remote monitoring, genomics and diagnostic. Wonder if Sermo's doctors will agree? Article

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