Senators challenge Medicare expansion; Medicare to cover HIV screenings;

> A Senate proposal to extend Medicare eligibility to the uninsured in the 55 to 64 age group is meeting strong opposition from industry groups, including the Federation of American Hospitals, HIP and the AMA. Article

> CMS has added HIV infection screening to their list of covered preventive services for Medicare beneficiaries who are at increased risk for the infection--including pregnant women--and Medicare beneficiaries of any age who voluntarily request the service. Article

> Congressional healthcare reform received a thumbs up from IHI president and CEO Donald M. Berwick, MD, at the 21st annual IHI Forum in Orlando, Fla. Article

> Case study: The Hazleton, Pa.-based Greater Hazleton Health Alliance has saved nearly $500,000 in nine months by bringing in a new supply chain vendor for its facilities, which include Hazleton General Hospital, Hazleton Health & Wellness Center, Hazleton General Home Care and several associated physician practices. Article

And Finally...
 Apparently, even reality TV can go too far. Article