Schools receive RWJF grants to develop mobile apps for chronic disease; Double-digit Medicaid growth pile-drives Texas budget;

> Three California universities have received research grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to study methods of capturing "patient observations of daily living" on mobile and wireless devices and then integrate that data into chronic-disease care. FierceMobileHealthcare

> Not only is Texas facing a shortfall of $11 billion to $15 billion when the next state budget is due in 2011, but unanticipated healthcare costs have already driven the state's current two-year budget, just six months after passage, into the red as well. FierceHealthcare

> The first of the five largest health insurers to share its 2009 executive compensation, Humana Inc., reported yesterday that it paid CEO Michael B. McCallister $6.5 million last year--26 percent more than in 2008. FierceHealthcare

And Finally... What may be more amazing than this fish's age or weight is the fact that his owner actually named him what he did. Article