Saline shortage persists; VA GOP hires big legal gun in Medicaid battle; Millenials want to work in hospitals

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> Manufacturers say they may not be able to fully address the saline shortage hitting hospitals until 2015, Kaiser Health News reported. Article

> Republican lawmakers in Virginia have retained former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement to make the legal argument as to why Gov. Terry McAuliffe does not have the authority to expand Medicaid eligibility on his own, the Associated Press has reported. Article

> Good news for healthcare recruiters (perhaps): Millenials say they would rather work at a hospital than at a big bank, Quartz reported. Article

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> Hospitals for critically ill patients and long-term recovery facilities aren't a place many doctors and policymakers consider. But as the American population ages, long-term acute care spending grew to about $26 billion a year across the country, with about 380,000 patients in these facilities, according to the New York Times. Article

As the healthcare industry moves toward value-based care, hospital CEOs are under more pressure and scrutiny than ever before to deliver effective and financially efficient care. But there are several ways hospital and health system CEOs can ensure professional success in the volatile healthcare industry. Article

The U.S. healthcare system must prepare for the impact of climate change, Al Sommer, M.D., dean emeritus of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, told Kaiser Health News in an interview. Its effect on hospitals is often overlooked, he said. Article

Some hospitals and providers use consumer data to identify--and intervene with--the patients most likely to have health problems. Article

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Budget constraints have forced many hospital CIOs at entities large and small to triage potential projects and move forward with only those efforts deemed the most necessary, Becker's Hospital CIO has reported. Article

Roughly half of the respondents to's most recent CIO advisory panel survey said that when it comes to their security ability, they rank "about average." Article

And finally... Is there a better way to pay for used ice cube trays, plastic toys and old National Geographic magazines?