Roughly 800,000 fall into coverage gap in Florida; Out-of-pocket costs for specialty drugs to rise next year;

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> In Florida, some 800,000 residents fall into the "coverage gap" wherein they don't qualify for Medicaid because the state has not expanded the program, and they do not qualify for subsidized premiums. Many of these people are in late middle age, low income and have chronic health issues, Health News Florida reported. Article

> The state of Illinois is not moving forward with building its own health insurance exchange, despite $270 million in federal assistance that is available, the Chicago Tribune reported. Article

> Americans will be paying significantly more in out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions for specialty drugs to treat conditions such as diabetes and leukemia, a new study from Avalare Health concludes. Article

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> Thanks to the Ebola outbreak, much attention has been paid to hospitals' handling of medical waste, but improving how to deal with a slightly more appetizing subject--food waste--is crucial for providers looking to modernize and cut costs, notes a recent article from Triple Pundit, which reports on ethical and sustainable business practices. Food contributes to about 10 percent of a hospital's overall waste stream. Article

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> Could another ICD-10 delay pass Congress as early as next week? That's one of the scenarios outlined in an article at the Journal of the American Health Information Management Association. Article

And Finally... California surgeon gets medical license probation after removing the wrong kidney. Article