Report: Longitudinal care plans still years away for many providers

A new report by Chilmark Research has concluded that many hospitals and healthcare systems are unprepared to deliver care that is standardized and longitudinal. That's despite the fact that so-called "shared care plans" have a demonstrated link to improved patient outcomes and better costs. According to the Chilmark data, many providers are still several years away from attaining such a goal. "Care plans in use today are most often a compilation of disparate inputs from clinicians and a modicum of evidence-based medicine that rarely includes a 360 degree patient view," Matthew Guldin, the report's lead analyst, said in an announcement. "Coupling these shortcomings with a lack of digital enablement, care plans are the weak link in the care management process." However, the Chilmark report also sees many opportunities for improvement in the coming years. Read the full article at FierceHealthcare