RACs begin work in Florida; Few enroll in state high-risk health coverage pools;

>  Well, like it or not, they're here! Region C RAC Connolly Healthcare has begun automated audits of seven hospital outpatient and physician codes in Florida. Article

> In theory, state high risk pools give "medically uninsurable" people a shot at insurance. In reality, however, fewer than 200,000 of the 4 million potentially eligible consumers actually enrolled in 2008, according to the GAO. Article

>  Healthcare execs--and business leaders across the board--have reason to feel a bit of a chill as banks continue to close under growing financial pressure. The question is how many more will fall, and whether the FDIC can withstand the shock. FierceFinance

And Finally... After reading this item, the phrase "fatal cow attack" just isn't funny anymore. Article