Public option has some virtues; New limits on health savings accounts?;

> While the public-option plan being mulled by legislators has been attacked by the insurance industry, a recent research report suggests that it has some virtues, with the potential to slow healthcare cost growth over the next 10 years. Article

> While the use of health savings accounts continue to grow, some Senators want to set tougher limits on the tax-advantages of such accounts. Of course, some folks are predicting a dire outcome if these proposals are enacted. Article

> Those gloomy Guses at the Government Accountability Office are at it again. The GAO is predicting that the federal deficit will climb to more than 5.5 percent of GDP unless spending is curbed, notably healthcare spending. Article

> To the consternation of consumer advocates, the White House is still mulling a tax hike on health insurance plans which would hit middle-income Americans hard, insiders say. Article

And Finally... I say you can never have too many swans, and apparently the Queen agrees. Article