Providers rarely penalized for small breaches of patient data

Healthcare providers are less likely to be punished for smaller breaches of patient data and privacy, even though they can often have an outsize effect on the victims. According to a recent report by the investigative news organization ProPublica, such violations have involved an 11-year-old's suicide attempt being posted by a hospital employee through social media, or a woman whose human papillomavirus status was publicized on Facebook by a patient care technician. In both cases, the victims received little sympathy from the hospital. "The vast majority of people who come through my door honestly are upset that no one has stepped up to the plate and said that what happened to you was wrong," Neal Eggeson, an Indianapolis lawyer, told ProPublica. "If the healthcare provider isn't going to give them that satisfaction, then maybe a jury will." Read the fulll article at FierceHealthcare