Pharmacy lobby want less cost sharing for specialty drugs; VA lawmakers pass budget without Medicaid;

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> The pharmacy lobby pushes the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to shelter health exchange enrollees from high cost-sharing for specialty drugs, Kaiser Health News reported. Article

> Lawmakers in Virginia passed a budget without permitting Medicaid expansion, and possibly even ensure it will be years before the state can broach the issue again, the Washington Post reported. Article

> The San Francisco Sheriff's Department has implemented a unique program to make sure jail inmates have insurance upon their release, Kaiser Health News reported. Article

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> Aligned incentives, partnerships and shared decision-making are three essential features of a successful accountable care organization, according to a panel discussion at the AHIP Institute. Article

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> A thumb drive containing more than 33,700 patient records was stolen from an outpatient radiology facility in Santa Rosa, California, earlier this month, St. Joseph Health of Sonoma County officials announced Thursday, according to CBS5 KPIX. Article

And finally...A sauce so spicy, the chef needs a gas mask. Article