Pennsylvania cancer survivor says losing subsidies would be mean-spirited; Hospitals good escape place for convicts;

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> A Pennsylvania cancer survivor says the abolition of subsidies as part of the King v. Burwell case would be "mean-spiritied," Kaiser Health News reported. Article

> Expanding Medicaid eligibility in Nebraska would help the Cornhusker State avoid about $1 billion in state-level spending while providing insurance coverage to about 80,000 low-income residents, according to AHA News. Article

> Prisoners find that hospitals offer an easy escape route, Newsweek reported. Article

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> Hospitals and health systems must improve their performance management strategies in order to be successful in a value-based world, according to a new analysis from Gallup. Article

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> Health consumers want to know their data will be used for helpful purposes, yet seek assurances of privacy and protection against breaches, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Article

And finally... Ouch. Article