Parents forego children's medical care due to costs; HHS adds 1,000 firms to the Affordable Care Act early retiree program;

> The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has added another 1,000 firms to the early retiree program under the Affordable Care Act, bringing the total number of companies in the program to about 3,000, including such giants as 3M, reports Minnesota Public Radio. The program is meant to cover Americans over the age of 55 who have lost their corporate benefits but are not yet eligible for Medicare. Article

> About 13 percent of parents in Ohio who have health insurance have skipped regular medical examinations for their children due to cost concerns, HealthDay reports. "People who are in those middle income brackets are saying they are having a harder time taking care of their children's health and their children's health is suffering," said the study's co-author. Article

> Officials from Caritas Christi Health Care in New England say they are close to a deal that would protect the retirement benefits of about 13,000 employees. The six-hospital system is in the midst of being sold to the private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, the Boston Globe reports. Article

And finally ... Physician, heel thyself. Article