OH hospital seeks Medicare exemption for cancer care

For years, officials at University Hospitals Case Medical Center have worked to get an exemption from DRG limits on Medicare reimbursements that would funnel $3 to $5 million into its coffers to aid in delivering cancer care. This cash inflow could go a long way into boosting the organization into the top ranks of cancer care in the U.S. However, UH Case is now facing a fight over their requested Medicare exemption spurred by The Cleveland Clinic, which is not eligible for the exemption UH Case wants. Cleveland Clinic has begun lobbying Congressional reps to see that UH Case doesn't get what it's after.

Since 1983, only 11 cancer hospitals have gotten this exemption, which can only be awarded if Congress enacts specific legislation. Until recently, UH Case's odds for getting such a Congressional favor looked good. Now, with Cleveland Clinic lobbying against the change, it's hard to tell what UH Case's odds are.

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