Obama administration proposes workplace wellness rules; Missouri should reimburse Medicaid $34M;

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> The Obama Administration will propose workplace wellness programs that include employee financial penalties as voluntary, after pressure from the business sector on the issue, Reuters reported. Article

> The state of Missouri should reimburse the federal Medicaid program $34 million because it failed to secure rebates from manufacturers of certain prescription drugs, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Article

Provider News

> When two doctors started the Do No Harm Project at the University of Colorado-Denver, it was simply because they recognized that healthcare overuse is "an urgent ethical issue" in the medical field, said co-founder Brandon Combs, M.D., in a Thursday webinar hosted by the Lown Institute. Article

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> Two heavy hitters in the healthcare industry--UnitedHealth and Mayo Clinic--are partnering on revenue management to boost patient experiences and lower costs. Article

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> The conventional approach to achieve the Triple Aim is to identify and allocate resources to patients who are most at-risk for readmissions, complications or adverse events--that small group of patients who account for a disproportionate share of resources and cost. Article

And finally...Dental office manager did root canals. Article