Nurses are far more likely than population at large to suffer from depression

One of the most important constituencies in the hospital workforce is highly prone to depression. Some 18 percent of nurses suffer from depression, compared to 9 percent of the population as a whole, according to Minority Nurse. And even though nurses are often extensively trained in mental health, many suffering from depression may not even be aware of it. The article called for more sensitivity among the ranks of hospital management regarding the issue. "Depression is like a cardiac disease: You don't know you have it. You don't realize the subtleties," said Louise Weadock, R.N., founder and president/CEO of ACCESS Healthcare Services. "Leaders need to create a culture that lifts nurses up. It shouldn't be a culture in which only the strong survive. Nurses should not be proud of eating their young. Some managers brag, 'If you can make it on my floor, you can make it anywhere.'" Read the full article at FierceHealthcare